Enhancing Editorial Through Digital Design

Budgets are getting smaller, but expectations for delivering high-quality editorial are not. Feeding the digital beast with continual, multi-faceted content seems to require a Mary-Poppins-esque bag’s worth of tricks, tools and content-creators. However, with a little forward planning and access to digital tools you likely already have, it’s easier than ever to create and repurpose editorial content into new vehicles for enhanced digital reach. Your world may start with text and photography—the bread and butter of print creation—but it certainly shouldn’t end there.

In my MagNet 2018 talk on April 26, 2018 I will demonstrate that with a little creativity and mindfulness, any publication can extend their reach with added-value digital editorial content without breaking the bank. Your smartphone goes with you everywhere and so should your content creation skills—whether you’re part of the editorial or creative team. Every touch-point along the way in print production offers opportunities for bonus digital content that extends off the printed page.

Download my talk one-pager 11 Cost-Effective Ways to Extend Editorial Reach Digitally

For complete lecture slides—with lots of videos—download this GIANT 1.8GB file from Dropbox if you dare but please be on wifi when you do it. Got questions? Please email design@nataliegagnon.ca.