Nima Stoneware is the small-batch ceramics business Natalie founded in 2017. The visual identity (inspired by the Arabic word for star, najima) and all stoneware pieces are designed and handcrafted by Natalie in a shared studio in Vancouver. Browse current work on Instagram.

Each Nima Stoneware piece is perfection in imperfection. Uniquely handcrafted, Nima searches for the sublime in ceramics without need for commercial machine-made precision. A slight wobble, spirited texture and surface, and organically pooled glaze, each give life and character to a piece. It’s why you buy handmade—the mark of the hand and creator is evident in each form.

Whether handbuilt with care or thrown on the wheel, every Nima Stoneware piece is created with inspired shape and surface. Woodblock stamps, gestural wax-resist, and multi-colored glazes combine with considered forms to bring the sublime to your home. Functional and beautiful, each Nima Stoneware piece is dishwasher, oven and microwave safe. Follow @nimastoneware on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.