April 18, 2017

It’s awesome when you realize the impact your work can have. Each month I normally get a copy of Vancouver magazine hand delivered to me at my desk, fresh from the printer. I quietly review it for errors and production quality, solitary tasks. But, on occasion, I get to see it arrive directly to the hands of readers excited to see what’s inside. It’s those days that count; those days that make it so worth it. Smile, you’re in the magazine! It’s not just layout, it’s #morethandesign. Here’s a peak at the editorial package I art directed this month—Restaurant Awards included—and the past Power50 issue

To see a complete list of this year’s award winners, head to VanMag.com.

Some of the amazing team at the 2017 Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards.


The crowd gears up at the Vancouver Sheraton Wall Centre.


Let the award giving begin!